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Last updated Oct 25, 2023 Edit Source

# Changelog

Older Changelogs

Changelogs listed here are for the latest Biome Makeover version.

Changelogs for specific versions, for versions not listed here, see their respective release pages

# Latest Minor


# Bug Fixes

  • Workaround a forge bug that stopped some modded items from generating in Mansion chests


# World Gen

  • The vanilla mansion loot table can now sometimes be rolled on non-junk Biome Makeover Mansion chests

# Bug Fixes

  • Cattails now require shears to be collected

# Recent Majors


# Blocks

  • Added Reed Thatch, Reed Thatch Slabs and Reed Thatch Stairs
  • Improved Poltergeist visuals
  • Adjusted the shape and hitbox of Reeds and Cattails
  • Adjusted the shape of Willowing Branches
  • Swamp Cypress leaves will now change color with biome temperature

# Advancements

  • Added 4 peat related advancements
  • Added a poltegeist related advancement

# Tags

  • Added biomemakeover:reeds tags
  • Added biomemakeover:peat tags

# Misc

  • New Status Effect: Possessed. Obtained by standing inside an active Poltergeist. Will interact with blocks around the affected entity.
  • Added more variety to the leaf generation of Willow and Swamp Cypress trees

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Willow leaves, Willowing branches and Lily Pad incorrectly applying their coloring in some modded biomes


# Bug Fixes

  • Fix a Vanilla bug where Chiselled Bookshelves are not rotated when generating in a structure

# Blocks

  • Added Biome Makeover blocks to new 1.20 tags
  • Added Hanging Signs for Biome Makeover wood
  • Added Suspicious Red Sand
  • Added Cracked Bricks + Stairs/Slab/Wall

# Items

  • Added Whinny, Refined and Worker Pottery Sherd
  • Added Cracked Brick
  • Colored Petals have been renamed to Buds
  • Cladded Armor now Requires a Cladded Upgrade Smithing Template
  • Added Cladding Upgrade Smithing Template
    • Found in Pillager Outposts
    • Dropped by Pillager Patrol Leaders

# Mobs

  • Witches will now request various 1.20 items and blocks

# Generation

  • Vex Armor Trim Smithing Templates can now be found within Biome Makeover Mansions
  • # Ghost Towns
    • Bookshelves have a chance to be Chiseled Bookshelves that may contain Books or Enchanted Books
    • Improved existing buildings
    • Added new buildings
    • Added Suspicious Red Sand, which will drop 3 new Sherds as well as other loot
    • Some decorative signs are now waxed (uneditable)

# Other

  • Added advancements for obtaining Crude Cladding and a Cladding Smithing Template
  • Reorganized Biome Makeover Advancements