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💰 Loot Tables

Last updated May 5, 2023 Edit Source

Relative Paths Unless stated otherewise, all paths to loot tables are relative to data/biomemakeover/loot_tables. For example mansion/arrows.json is located in data/biomemakeover/loot_tables/mansion/arrows.json

# Blocks and Entities

Like vanilla, every block and entity has their loot table located at blocks/[block name].json & entities/[entity name].json, unless stated otherwise.

# Witch

Alongside it’s vanilla loot table, the witch will also drop from the entities/witch_hat.json loot table.

# Pillagers

Alongside their vanilla tables Pillagers will also drop from either the entities/pillager_leader_additional.json (Patrol Leaders only) or the entities/pillager_additional.json table.

# Gameplay Loot Tables

# Scuttler Eating

When a Scuttler eats a Flowering Barrel Cactus, the petals will drop from the gameplay/scuttler_eating.json loot table.

# Rootling Shearing

When shearing Rootlings, the petals will drop from one of the following color appropriate tables:

# Structure Loot

# Ghost Town

Ghost Town loot is located in:

# Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion loot is located in:

# Sunken Ruins

Sunken Ruins loot is located in sunken_ruin.json

# Mushroom House

Mushroom House loot is located in mushroom_house.json