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🔮 Curse Enchanting

Last updated Apr 12, 2023 Edit Source

# About

Curse Enchanting is done with an Altar which can either be found in the Woodland Mansion or crafted.

Curse Enchanting will take one enchantment on an item, increase its level by 1 and add a random curse.

This allows you to get enchantments one level above the regular max such as Fortune IV or Efficiency VI, as long as you are willing to risk a curse.

With careful planning, you will be able to take advantage of this system.

# How

For a item to be valid for cursing it must:

Place this item in the top slot of an altar along with an Illunite Shard, this will begin the cursing process.

Once the process is over, your item will have been cursed, and a random enchantment will have gained 1 level.

# Curses

Along with the vanilla curses, Biome Makeover adds several of its own.