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🦀 Helmit Crab

Last updated Apr 16, 2023 Edit Source

# About

The Helmit Crab is a neutral mob that was added with the Biome Makeover 1.19 port. It is not part of any specific makeover.

# Behavior

Helmit Crabs spawn in Beach Biomes on sand.

Helmit crabs love to wear helmets, when spawning they have a chance to spawn with nothing, a Nautilus Shell or a random helmet, with more protective shells being rarer.

If they see a helmet in the world, they may choose to wear it instead of their current one.

If attacked, they will attempt to attack their assailant before running away and hiding in their shell. While in the shell they have increased defense.

# Drops

When killed Moths will drop:

# Stats

Move Speed0.25
Attack Damage1.0