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🥔 Rootling

Last updated May 23, 2023 Edit Source

# About

Rootlings are added as part of the Dark Forest makeover.

Part plant, part animal, the Rootling is a social creature that can either make a good snack or as a source of Buds.

# Behavior

Rootlings naturally spawn in the Dark Forest.

They will wander around, interacting with each other and the world around them. They like to sit in the rain.

They will flee the player if they are holding Shears, shearing a rootling will result in their buds being trimmed off and they will drop a color appropriate Bud.

They will be tempted towards bonemeal.

Over time, or if bonemeal is used on them, their buds will regrow as a random color.
Sitting in water or rain will decrease the time it takes to regrow their buds.

# Growing

Rootlings can not be bred by normal means, they must be grown with Rootling Seeds planted in tilled dirt. Once the crop has grown, they will shoot up out of the ground as a fully grown rootling.

# Drops

When killed Rootlings will drop:

# Colors

Rootlings come in the following colors:

Blue Brown Cyan Gray Light Blue Purple

Each color has the same rarity.

# Stats

Movement Speed0.25