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🪨 Stone Golem

Last updated Apr 10, 2023 Edit Source

# About

Stone Golems are added as part of the Dark Forest makeover.

Stone Golems are constructed sentries that will shoot hostile mobs for you.

# Behavior

Player built Stone Golems will shoot a crossbow at any nearby hostile mob. They can not move, but instead rotate around their base.

Naturally spawning Stone Golems will attack the player.

When damaged Stone Golems will crack and can be repaired with Cladded Stone

# Building

Stone Golems must be constructed out of Cladded Stone and a Carved Pumpkin in a cross shape.

Newly build Stone Golems will need to be supplied with a Crossbow before it will attack.

# Drops

When killed Stone Golems will drop:

# Stats

Movement Speed0.0