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💦 Sunken Ruins

Last updated Apr 11, 2023 Edit Source

# About

Sunken Ruins were added with the Swamp makeover. They are Witch inhabited buildings that are sunken into the ground.

The ruins are primarily made out of Willow Wood

# Mobs

# Enemies

The following enemies spawn in the sunken ruins and do not respawn

# Loot

Some unique loot that can be found in the mansion is:

As well as other Witch-related items from Vanilla Minecraft.

# Configuration

Sunken Ruins are setup like any other Minecraft structure so can be modified via Data Pack.

Sunken Ruins will generate in any biome with the biomemakeover:has_structure/sunken_ruins biome tag.

Sunken Ruins loot is generated from a loot table found in data/biomemakeover/loot_tables/sunken_ruin.json.